3 products to meet (almost) all your needs!



It is an adaptation of our model Seayos TEK to professionnel divers needs! It allows to carry out three-dimensional position fixes, to guide oneself, to perform site survey and mapping, to exploit the collected data through its PC interface, and many other things!

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It has all the features of the SEAYOS TEK HD, with the addition of unique communication functions (message type, position, etc.) between divers and the surface thanks to the inclusion of a transmit-receive radio module.

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The SEAYOS Monitor is tracking station allowing communication with several divers equipped with a SEAYOS Pro. It also communicates with a tablet (or a computer) offering the surface observer a global interactive display.

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To locate oneself underwater (including in relation to defined search zones) N/A
To guide oneself towards positions recorded while diving or pre-recorded N/A
To carry out three-dimensional position fixes N/A
To perform site survey and mapping (record and annotate positions, routes, etc.) N/A
To know the boat's up-to-date position (particularly during drift dives) - N/A
Communicate from the bottom with a monitoring station on the surface - N/A
Communicate from the surface with a group of divers -
Communate from the surface with several groups of divers - -
Follow several groups of divers and get an interactive view - -


SEAYOS Pro is in fact an enhanced SEAYOS Tek HD! In addition, it is equipped with a radio transmission-reception device enabling it to establish communications with a tracking station:
  - typically aboard the accompanying boat,
  - or on land in the case of operations from ashore.
A second SEAYOS Pro can be used as a tracking station if only one group of divers has to be monitored. To monitor several divers simultaneously, you need a dedicated tracking station: the SEAYOS Monitor.

SEAYOS Pro and SEAYOS Monitor

SEAYOS Monitor extends the radio communication functions offered by the SEAYOS Pro centralising data (positioning, depth, etc.) of several groups of divers and communicating with them.
The SEAYOS Monitor is a separate product in the SEAYOS range since, contrary to our other products, it can't be used underwater and independently of one or several SEAYOS Pro.
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