Seayos, the device for all professionals

Multiple applications
a robust and upgradable product
Developed and made in France 🐓


SEAYOS is completely autonomous and does not require surface beacon nor any device on/under the boat. It can be attached to the BCD and accompanies divers during all along their dive.



Easy to use and reliable, SEAYOS is completely insensitive to interferences such as obstacles, underwater relief or thermoclines. Its operating principle guarantees precision and reliability.



SEAYOS: "a swiss army knife" for all professional divers! It allows to locate oneself, to carry out three-dimensional position fixes (geodetic coordinates and depth), to perform site survey and mapping, to communicate with the surface/ boat, ... and many other things!

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Our concepts

Helping professional divers carry out their missions, while increasing their security!
We have developed a series of functions to meet the various needs of professional divers. Our professional range offers many possible applications, particularly in the scientific (biology, archaeology and the environment), industrial and military fields. Beyond its role as "mission facilitator", SEAYOS provides safety allowing professional divers to locate themselves during dives in challenging conditions, and to communicate with the surface in case there is a problem.

Acquire satellite signals on the surface... while remaining at the bottom!
SEAYOS is based on an original and patented idea, whose simplicity guarantees its reliability. More specifically, SEAYOS is a waterproof case containing a multi-constellation receiver (GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou) whose positive buoyancy allow it to go spontaneously to the surface. It takes only a few seconds to capture the satellite signals. Then the diver can bring it back to the bottom with a diving spool.
More info about SEAYOS operation: Here

A made in France and custom manufacture
So that we can adapt to the specific nature of your activities and missions, SEAYOS are produced on demand in our workshop in France. In particular, you can choose the colour of each component of your SEAYOS. Our wide range of colours allows you to configure unique SEAYOS, which can be very useful for identifying your divers from the surface. You have specific needs? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Our products

3 products to meet (almost) all your expectations!
- The SEAYOS TEK HD : it is an adaptation of our SEAYOS TEK model to meet the needs of professional divers! It allows to carry out three-dimensional position fixes, to guide oneself, to perform site survey and mapping, to continuously record routes on the surface, to exploit the collected data through its PC interface, and many other things!
- The SEAYOS PRO : it has all the features of the SEAYOS TEK HD, with the addition of unique communication functions between divers and the surface thanks to the inclusion of a transmit-receive radio module.
- The SEAYOS MONITOR : it extends the SEAYOS PRO communication concept to several divers. So, it centralises their positioning data and allows communication with different divers. It also gives divers up-to-date information on the boat's position.
More info: Here

Our commitments

A range of durable and upgradable products
SEAYOS is produced in France, on demand and is custom-made. It is also a 100% repairable product! Its modular design means it can be completely dismantled (⚠ by SEAYOS technicians) and all its components can be replaced. This means SEAYOS is ready to accompany you on thousands of dives. SEAYOS is also an evolutive product : to upgrade it, just a small intervention in our workshop is required. Thus, your SEAYOS TEK HD can become a SEAYOS PRO. SEAYOS is a long-term purchase, which accompanies you and evolves with your practice.

An environmentally-friendly production
The chosen mode of production (high quality manufacture, made in France, small-scale approach) contributes to environmental preservation (and in particular the sea and the ocean!), avoiding over production, reducing waste (no useless plastic overpacking!) and transportation of finished goods, and banishing planned obsolescence.

The SEAYOS in video

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